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Weather & Notams

Always check the weather forecasts and Notams before flying.

Some helpful links are given below.


For Notams, use the Flight Planning Map tab and zoom in to view Notams for the area where you will be flying.


There are many Weather Forecast sites. You will develop your own list of favourites. Here are some of the more popular ones. Some are quick and easy to use, some give more information but require a little more knowledge to get the best out of. You can also use some local weather stations to find out actual conditions near some of our sites. Please be aware that these tend to be set up by local sailing clubs and the like, and we should be respectful of their band-width usage when using these sites – some free sites have already been closed to non-members due to over-use.

Simple Weather sites - Gives actuals as well as forecasts

Intermediate Weather sites

Advanced Weather sites

Local Weather stations

Herne Bay:
Thurnham: - put cursor on Headcorn
Crete Road: