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Tel - 07880 745752

Dover and Folkestone Hang Gliding Club

Welcome to the Dover and Folkestone Hang Gliding Club

We are a small and friendly hang gliding and paragliding club based in Kent.

We have about 100 members and 5 flying sites. The sites offer a range of safe ridge soaring sites, scenic cliff flying and XC potential. All of the sites are sensitive and have particular rules associated with them that must be observed by members and visiting pilots.

Joining the club costs just £10 a year, or £5 for a month for a visiting pilot.

If you have any questions then please get in touch and we will try to help you out. We are happy to give site briefings to new members and visitors, and coaching to all qualified members.

Please see Club / About for more details, or contact us via the Contact Us page.

Members need to sign in using the link at the top of the page in order to see members-only information throughout this site.