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The Dover and Folkestone Hang-Gliding Club is a BHPA member club for people who fly hang-gliders and paragliders. We have about a hundred members and access to five sites in Kent.

Our sites rarely get overcrowded and there is almost always a club coach on site when weather conditions are good enough to fly. You will find DFHGC members are friendly and supportive who will help you with site assessment and answer any questions relevant to the club you may like to ask .

Most of our sites are sensitive, following careful negotiations and establishing good working relationships with our supportive land-owners, so we ask all new or visiting pilots to get in touch with us before flying. This allows us to give you safety briefings and clarify the local site rules.

All flying members should be fully paid-up flying members of the BHPA, as we like to be able to assure landowners that we all have the benefit of the BHPA's public liability insurance cover. The BHPA are the organising body for Free Flying in the UK. They regulate and check the schools, issue pilot ratings, and are responsible for safety notices when they're needed.

We arrange annual club trips abroad and also take part in inter-club competitions in this country. We hold regular club meetings every two months, usually on Friday evenings at a pub or other venue, frequently in or near Maidstone.


Joining the club costs just £10 a year, or £5 for a month for a visiting pilot.

If you have any questions then please get in touch and we will try to help you out. We are happy to give site briefings to new members and visitors, and coaching to all qualified members. Please contact us via the Contact Us page.